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Tuesday February 6 2024 Special Segment Elementary Pawcast
24 days ago, Patty Sukup
Thank you to Bodie Meyer for coming in and speaking to the 8th graders in Careers in Ag class! He shared with the class his journey of how he got to where he is today and skills that are important for students to have as they prepare to enter the workforce. He also stressed the importance of getting a job as soon as possible so you can start learning new things and fill the experience portion of your resume!
24 days ago, Jacob Goldfuss
These kids had an amazing day at the Stanton Honor Festival!! Choir members: Zander Tabbert, Issac Meyer, and Ehmyt Samland! Band members: Jack Heim, Jennie Mejia, Trenton Mendoza, and Alvie Beringer
26 days ago, Emily Heithoff
Hey Bobcat Basketball Fans! Get put your Bobcat blue and pack the gym for a "BLUE OUT"!
27 days ago, Shelly Mlnarik
7th graders starting on their bean bag frog sewing projects.
27 days ago, Ashley Harrison
This is how kindergarten celebrates Ground Hog's Day!
27 days ago, Taryl Bazelman
Our gingerbread man is finally back, and we can't believe how far he traveled while he was away! Check out our map with pins of where he was spotted! 📍Thank you for sending us letters of where he was spotted!
27 days ago, Mackenzie McClellan
The Girls Wrestling Team is in Sub-District today at West Holt! Wrestling will begin at 1:00! West Holt is providing a pretty cool service for parents! They will be taking pictures all day with FREE Downloads!! If you can't make it, you can catch wrestling on:
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Friday February 2 2024 Barrett's Sports segment
28 days ago, Patty Sukup
With 6.7 left, EPPJ has a one point lead with 1 FT remaining.
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
With 20 seconds left it is all tied up
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
After 3 quarters EPPJ leads Summerland 32-27 for a chance to play in the NVC finals
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
After one quarter the Lady Bobcats are down 9-8
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
Bobcats advance to the NVC finals with a 47-40 win over Elkhorn Valley. Will play at home for the title on Saturday.
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
After 3 quarters in the NVC semifinals, Bobcats are leading the Falcons 38-27.
28 days ago, Kyle Finke
STEM medal winners and closing ceremonies! Well done all!
28 days ago, Lisa Cook
Ski Jumping
Ice Hockey
Bobcat App Users: If you have received a notification stating "Bobcat app puts your device at risk ", you may need to update the app. You can do this by going to your app store, search for the Summerland Bobcat app, and it should give you an "update" button. If it does not, uninstall and reinstall the app.
28 days ago, Summerland
Bobcat notification
The NVC Tournament continues for the Boys and Girls Basketball Teams!! Today, they are headed to West Holt! The boys will play at 2:00 and the girls will play at 6:30! Let's be loud and proud and help them both on to victories!! If you can't make it, you can cheer from home! Seating: Please help with this. We split the middle section down the middle 1st game EV fans middle to the north and Summerland Middle to the south, 2nd Game St. Mary’s middle to the North, West Holt middle to the South, 3rd game St. Mary’s middle to the north and Niobrara-Verdigre middle to the South, 4th game EPPJ middle to the north and Summerland middle to the South
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