Attention Holt County and Knox County Tax Payers for Summerland School District:

It has been brought to my attention that there is some misinformation on the Notice of Proposed Tax Increase postcards that have recently been sent out. As I reported last week in the September board meeting, Knox County failed to include in the amount listed for the 2021 Taxes the amount levied for the bond fund. After a phone call this morning to the Holt County Assessor, the amount of the bond fund was not included in the amount of 2021 taxes for Holt County taxpayers as well. For both counties that was a 0.169486 amount that was left off of the 2021 taxes. Depending upon the valuation of the property listed this would make the 2022 Estimated Taxes seem to be rather high.

An example would be if you owned land that was valued at $200,000 your taxes last year should have been listed as $1441.24, instead were listed as $1102.27. If your land valuation went up 3.5% (which was the average for Holt and Knox county) the amount of 2022 Estimated Tax would be $1,531.10. Thus the cards that were sent out in Holt and Knox Counties would have a $200,000 piece of property increase in tax amount of $428.83, when in reality the increase should have only been listed as $89.86. 

As I stated at the budget hearing on September 14, I proposed that the general fund tax request be lowered .010356 and the bond fund increase .029395 to cover bond principal and interest payments for 2022 and first half payment for 2023. This makes the total tax request for the 2022-23 school year increase .019039. So no tax payer should be seeing a large tax increase from last year.

As always if you have any questions on this matter or any other matter related to Summerland Public School please contact the office at 402-626-7534.


Mr. Finke